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In contrary to women’s wardrobe, those of men are mostly filled with shades of blue, grey, black, and white. We often end up thinking that options for men are limited, which is not really the case. It was a few years back when men were limited to dark and dull colours, but today from floral shirts to pink designer sherwanis men are definitely stepping up the style game with an equally diverse variety of options available. 

The charm of ethnic wear is something men have always felt attracted to. Designer Sherwani and kurtas have been a part of the cultures and traditions of many countries like India and Pakistan, but we have for sure seen the evolution in the variety and designs of sherwani sets. From Diwali to wedding occasions, designer sherwani sets are a perfect choice for feeling the essence of royalty. 

With a fantastic quality of the fabric and intricate designs, you can get your hands on some of the finest designer sherwanis: 

  • Chipkan style sherwani- Since these sherwanis are inspired by the Mughal era, they give you an essence of royalty and look very appealing. You can always balance out these sherwanis with some royal looking accessories. 
  • Indo western sherwani- These sherwanis are for sure the perfect choice if you wish to step up your fashion game. A beautiful combination of traditional and modern fashion, these sherwanis are a complete package.
  • Achkan style sherwani- The most popular one, achkan sherwanis make you stand out of the crowd and are the perfect choice for your wedding day.
  • Angrakha sherwani- Specifically designed for the upper part of the body, these sherwanis are the best choice if you are a fitness freak and have a good physique. 
  • Printed modern sherwani- a perfect combination of modern and contemporary designs, these sherwanis are available in a wide variety of designs and prints with the high-quality fabric used in designing.
  • Pakistani sherwanis- Originally designed in Pakistan this sherwani has successfully made its way to India. These sherwanis are extremely elegant and can be worn on any occasion, along with weddings.
  • Jodhpuri sherwani- Another sherwani which will give you a royal look. The perfect choice for your royal wedding day designed intricately, and with years of experience, these sherwanis are available in limited numbers and are quite expensive.
  • Jacket style sherwanis- If you are someone with a unique taste in fashion, these pairs of sherwanis are the best choice for you. These are admired for their fine fabric and unique designs.
  • Anarkali style sherwanis- From men to women, anarkalis have always been a part of fashion trends and are one of the favourite outfits for both the genders. These sherwanis have been in trend since the ancient trends and are still the most admired ones.

designer sherwanis are one of those outfits which are both comfortable and make a rich-looking outfit with elements of Indian tradition they are a must-have in your wardrobe.