Sheetal Batra

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25 products

Charming outfits by Sheetal Batra featuring bright colours that are fun, breezy and full of life.


Setting out as a bespoke identity that ardently honors the Indian aesthetic, designer Sheetal Batra seeks inspiration in the traditional opulence and gentle evocations of a bygone era. The bridal wear, couture and pret line showcase our most delicate, authentic Indian designs and can be found at our flagship store, located in the heart of New Delhi.

They aspire to create timeless pieces that celebrate our exquisite heritage's charm while reveling in a passionate enthusiasm to blend our culture with fashion and luxury.

 Since its launch in 2002, the brand has shown a unique assemblage of handcrafted and intricately embellished pieces comprising soulful motifs and delicate silhouettes. From the elegantly embroidered Naaz bridal collection to the exquisite Inaayat heritage pieces, each aspect of their work is rooted in our eclectic culture's intricacies. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Sheetal Batra is a designer who established her label intending to revive traditional designs with a contemporary touch. Procuring most of her knowledge through experience, which started as a passionate hobby for her, soon became a fulfilling career.

 They carefully designed collection ranges from trailblazing statement pieces to simple, yet self-indulgent everyday wear. Combining immaculate quality with unparalleled customer service, we pride ourselves on our loyal and globally expanding clientele.