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Sharara is the attire worn by Muslim women all over the world. Still, with a view to the present scenario, one can't judge a girl to be a Muslim about her choice of wearing sharara as, because of it's elegant and charming look girl of every religion loves to wear it. The word "Sharara" originates from the Urdu language. The trend of Sharara came to India with the entry of the Mugal Empire during the 16th century. It is bottom wear having each leg wide, skirt type with lots of free plates. The plates are not made with stitches but due to the free skirt style of each leg. 

The set of sharara consists of three-piece i.e. sharara, Kurti, and dupatta. Kurti with sharara can be short of hip-length or long length below the knees highlighting the plates of sharara peeping from sides of Kurti. Dupatta can be taken in several ways like wrapping it from the back and then hanging on both arms in front or one side dupatta hanging on the shoulder, half at the backside, and a half at the front side.

 In late times of 16th century, it was worn by all the royal women of the Mugal Empire but later it was opted by all the Muslim women as casual wear. The evolving beauty of sharara with different designs and embroidery on it provided girls an extraordinary look which attracted girls from every religion to add it to their closet. In the present time, girls wear it as an ethnic dress for traditional events, parties, or marriages. In Muslims first preference of the bride is to wear designer sharara with hip-length Kurti. Girls from other religions too are evolving their choice of bridal look and adding other dresses with sharara suits to their list. 

Casual wear sharara is of plane look made of simple cotton or synthetic cloth. The cloth of casual wear sharara can be printed or plane as per the entire outfit requirement. The occasional sharara is made of embroidered cloth. the textile of these special look sharara can be

embroidered cloth/sequinned fabric, glitter fabric, lame, silk satin/silk charmeuse, brocade, peau de soi silk, and there are many more. 

Sharara is an attractive, pretty, gorgeous yet comfortable array of the clothing world. They are not too costly to afford. Every person can get it within her budget as they are available in all rang but one must be choose about the type of sharara about the occasion.