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sarees have been a part of Indian culture and many other countries since ancient times. The women decades back used to wear a simple cotton cloth draped around their body as a form of saree and silk cloth was a luxury available only to the royal women. 

With the evolution of the human race and fashion, this piece of clothing has also evolved beautifully. From the first time you drape it around yourself to the countless more times, designer saree is one such outfit that is worn by women with the same excitement. 

Not only does it make you look elegant and feel confident but only gives a sense belonging to one’s culture. designer saree can be easily worn on a daily basis or on special occasions. Since it is a long piece of cloth it can be styled in a number of ways.

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions and this diversity can be seen in the types of sarees available also, every region having its own unique style. 

  • Assam silk saree- These designer sarees are intricately designed with beautiful borders and embroidery.
  • Banarasi silk saree- Banarasi saree is the favorite one of all saree lovers and a must-have in their wardrobe. They are one of the finest designer sarees and famous for their craftsmanship and beautiful designs and fabric.
  • Bandhani saree- These have been a part of Gujarati and Rajasthani culture and have successfully made their way to different regions of the country. Their dye art and polka designs are what make them different from other sarees. 
  • Bonkai designer saree- The beautifully and uniquely designed borders of this off white saree is ultimately graceful.
  • Chanderi saree- Intricately designed by designers of Madhya Pradesh, the saree is somewhat see-through.
  • Kanchipuram saree- This masterpiece is designed in Tamil Nadu and is famous worldwide for its intricate designs and vibrant colors.
  • Lehariya saree- The perfect choice for tie and dye lovers. The saree is dyed in various patterns and looks flawless when worn.
  • Paithani sarees- Their origin is from Maharashtra and has been in trend since the times of kings. Back then they were woven with real gold thread.

Apart from the variety of sarees, there are many ways you can style them and add a pinch of your own personal fashion style. When styled with the right pair of accessories and footwear, designer saree can create a magic moment for women.

  • One way of draping the saree is in nivi style where the saree is wrapped around the waist and draped over the shoulder. 
  • Gujrati style draping is the perfect style to showcase your beautifully designed pallu.
  • The Bengali style saree is perfect for special occasions. Since Bengali sarees have beautiful borders, styling them in the right way can help you flaunt the beautiful borders of the saree.
  • There are modern ways to style your saree, you can wear them with a western outfit or style them with your denim jacket and long overcoats. Adding accessories like belts can give a beautiful uniqueness to your outfit. 

designer sarees are one such piece of clothing that can be experimented within a lot of ways and never goes out of style. This evergreen outfit is a must-have in your wardrobe.