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Santosh Kumar label aims to create a unique global clothing line for the Modern People. The clothes are made by mixing unique luxurious, and classic styles with a tasteful contemporary comfort inspired by a legend itself.

The label recognized that fashion keeps on changing, and new trends keep cropping up now and then so they are always careful about being extremely creative and skilled to prevail in the fashion industry. Santhosh has worked for the Tamil movie Asurakulam, the Telugu movie Marshal and celebrities such as Ajmal Ameer, Anson Paul, Karthik Jayaram, Vidya Pradeep, Prasanna Master, and Shabaresh, among others. Knowing the fact about the harsh fashion industry and the difficulty in sustaining the label in its designer and founder, Santosh Kumar managed to create a wave of the southern fashion industry at a very young age. Santosh Kumar comes from Chandampet, Shankarampet (R) Village Medak.

Before launching his label in 2013 under the name ‘SANTOSH KUMER,’ Santhosh did close to 30 fashion weeks as a designer. He worked for 150 advertisements as a fashion stylist for many film celebrities that gave him an edge over others and had his own identity in the film and the fashion industry. From the very start, he was determined to do creative things, and later, he pursued his degree in Fashion from Hamstech. During his graduation, he did a lot of Internships to gain practical knowledge. In his career, he moved to Hyderabad in 2008, he joined Bsc Microbiology and later pursued Bsc in Fashion Designing.