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The first time we saw palazzos were in some old Bollywood movies in the ’60s or 70’s. However, they were out of style for a couple of years but have managed a successful comeback. They can be the centre of attraction of an outfit and have made a mark for generations to come an easy to wear a form of trouser which can be styled in minutes. The perfect choice for the summers, the fabric of the outfit can give you the utmost comfort in any season. 

From ramp walks to street styling, palazzos are one such diverse outfit to be worn by all age groups. 

One reason for palazzos being the current favourite is that they are not body hugging, super comfortable, and makes you flaunt your curves. 

From kurtas to crop tops, this is one such piece of clothing that looks equally elegant when styled with the right pair of accessories and footwear. Palazzos are available in different fabrics, styles, and colours. The right pair of palazzos can step up your styling game. 

However, it is always a task to find the right pair of trousers which fit you perfectly. So here is a guide to the variety of palazzo’s available:

  • Layered palazzos- They are made of two fabrics attached and have a beautiful flare at the bottom. Can be easily styled with ankle-length kurtas and crop tops
  • Pocket palazzo’s- How many times have you complained about the insufficient pockets in your jeans and trousers? This palazzo is the right choice to flaunt your curves then.
  • Denim palazzo- Denim are one such pair of clothing that never goes out of style and can make a boring outfit look extremely stylish. 
  • Skirt palazzo- The perfect choice for women whose hearts flatter looking at skirts. Not only they enhance your style but are extremely comfortable to wear and easy to style.
  • Tiered palazzo- This palazzo can give you a glam look when paired with the right top or Kurti.
  • Slitted palazzo- The latest of all the styles. These can be easily worn to parties and take your style statement to the next level.
  • Straight palazzo- The perfect choice for you is A-Line kurta and crop tops. 

The most desirable piece of clothing is a must-have in your wardrobe. With colours ranging from white to your favourite pastel shades and the bold colours, palazzos are the easiest to style and comfortable outfits creating the most elegant look.