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Lehenga is a well-known and famous three-piece attire, a beautiful combination of the choli, dupatta, and lehenga itself. Lehanga is lower wear of floor length. It looks like a long skirt, tight at the waist, and widens as it goes down that is corn shape which is cut from the top. Choli with lehenga is completely fit upper wear. It has evolved a lot with time, in ancient times it was till waist length but now it is blouse length or navel length. The dupatta with a lehenga can be taken in different ways like wrapping it from the back then hanging it on both the arms in front or one-sided dupatta, hanging on the shoulder half in front and a half at back. 

The history of lehengas with concern to its origin has lost somewhere in the long passage of time but it is well known that it has evolved a lot during the time of the Mughal Empire in the 10th century and has gained its popularity among Indian girls since ancient times. The Lehenga has changed ever since, be it the stitching style, the embroidery, the fabrics like silk and brocade, etc. Slowly, the Lehenga became an attire worn by royal ladies of the Mughal Empire. This royal outfit from the past is now a sense of fashion in the present designer world of clothes. In the present era, it is worn for all types of occasions, from traditional to non-traditional functions, as during the evolution the lehenga ha gained the modern look too. 

Type of lehengas has a wide range like A-line lehenga, Jacket with lehenga, Mermaid/Fishtail lehenga, Panelled lehenga, Flare lehenga, Double flare lehenga, Trail lehenga, and the list doesn't end here, it goes on long and long. The type of lehengas differs from each other with a view to the shape, type of cloth, method of stitching, embroidery choice, and much more. 

There are different types of textile used to stitch lehenga like embroidered cloth/sequinned fabric, glitter fabric, lame, silk satin/silk charmeuse, brocade, peau de soi silk and there are many more. The type of fabric depends upon the occasion for which the lehenga is being stitched. 

Lehangas are available in all ranges but not in very low range. It starts with thousands and goes till lakhs. But no doubt lehenga is not only famous for its beauty but also for its power of making female sections of society look more attractive.