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Jackets are one such piece of clothing that can be worn by people of any gender, size, and age. Initially gained popularity from the world of cinema, jackets have been in trend for a long time and have a much longer way to go. They can easily spice up your boring outfit and update your fashion statement. From leather to denim, dull to bold to glitter colors, crop to oversized, jackets is one of the best pieces of clothing present in the fashion world. From casual to retro, name a look and jackets can easily create them. So here’s a guide to picking your favorite piece:

  • Denim jacket- Without a doubt, denim jackets are a wardrobe essential. Available in different colors and designs your wardrobe is definitely incomplete without them. These are the easiest to style. Be it a casual day out or a lunch date, a regular day or a feast day, undoubtedly the perfect choice for all occasions. Pair them with a good pair of sneakers. Dress, kurtas, and whatever comes to your mind and they will make you look equally stylish.
  • Leather jacket- Don’t know what to do with a boring outfit? Style it up with a leather jacket and create a vibe you like. Leather jackets are one of those pieces which can literally last you a lifetime, so choose your right piece cautiously. From black to those quirky looking, it is easy to go out of the outfit trend.
  • Bomber jacket- Whether you wish to style your skirt or shorts or jeans, a bomber jacket is an answer for you. From a party look to a sporty look, they are of the most comfortable and trendy outfits.
  • Parka jacket- These jackets have recently gained a lot of popularity due to their massive hood which is usually aligned with faux fur. You can easily slay in these jackets while feeling equally comfortable. 
  • Trench coat- Trench coats are waterproof which makes them just the right piece of clothing for monsoons. These can be styled easily as trench coats are one of those few pieces which never go out of style. 
  • Double-breasted jacket- The perfect piece for formal wear, can easily be styled with a dress and even trousers giving you a boss lady vibe. 
  • The classic blazer- A blazer is an evergreen outfit. You can style it with anything and everything. Pairing them with a skirt or formal pants will give you a classic look. 
  • Faux fur and teddy coats- These will make you feel like you have a warm and cozy blanket wrapped around you. Somewhat different from the regular fashion trends but make you look classy with minimal efforts. 

Want to style up your fashion game but don’t know how? Just pick the right piece of jacket and you are ready to slay and create your own vibe.