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Initially designed in Europe, capes have gained popularity across the globe. They are something that can turn a simple look into a graceful one. Ruling the trend game, they never fail to make a style statement. 

Blazer cape- Gives you a formal and stylish look just like blazers. Sticking for a basic coloured blazer cape can be styled with different coloured outfits and make it easy to experiment with your unique style of fashion.

Sweater capes- The perfect choice foe winters and give a break from the boring sweaters and sweatshirts. They look both stylish and comfortable at the same time and can be easily styled with a denim look or high boots.

Tartan capes- These can make any outfit look extremely elegant without giving in much thought. These can be easily paired with anything, be it denim, shorts, skirts or trousers and give out a retro vibe.

  • Shirt capes- We all know how adorable shirts look when styled in different ways, and it is super easy to style shirts creating some vintage vibes. With shirt capes, you can step up your styling game. These are the perfect choice for casual wear. 
  • Long capes- Who doesn't love long jackets and coats. They have been in trend since the longest, and when it comes to long capes, they are the rulers of the fashion world. They add a statement to any outfit with minimal efforts and give you a brilliant and trendy look.
  • Blanket capes- As the name suggests, wrapping a blanket cape around yourself will provide you with extreme levels of warmth, coziness and comfort as if you have wrapped a blanket around yourself. Available in multiple designs and patterns, they can give you a royal look. 
  • Sheer capes – Sheer capes are the gorgeous pieces of outfits available. They are elegantly beautiful and graceful at the same time. They are considered the best for special occasions like weddings and can be worn along with ethnic wear. Sheer capes are always eye-catching and can give you your princess moment. 
  • Cape dresses- The perfect choice if you wish to present yourself elegantly like a fashion model. These dresses are super iconic and look adorable if paired with the right accessories and give you your fashionista moment.

So if you are someone who loves to dress up in layers and constantly to look out for outfits which can give you warmth and are trendy big time, Capes are undoubtedly the perfect choice for you.