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21 products

Discover styles that symbolize class with intricate detailing & glamorous silhouettes.



Ravi Bhalotia, a trendsetter by heart, is being part of the fashion industry for more than 15 years. It has been known to bring about a mesmerizing link between regal ethnicity and modern twist in fashion. He always has to be a traditional fashion designer who believes in a hands-on, experimental approach to designing, which has led to many unique combinations of Indian fabric and Intricate embroideries. With a decade being in the fashion industry, he has gained knowledge and inspiration from international fashion, with which he incorporates that in his designs and silhouettes, giving the label a global appeal. AARBEE, his fashion label, brings forth the free-spirited yet rooted in heritage style of Ravi Bhalotia in its exquisite collections of ethnic designer wear for women. There ardent love for the gorgeous Indian fabrics, ethnic hues, intricate embroidery, and contemporary fashion is reflected in every piece. Aarbee is synonymous with consistently high quality, unique designs, and an urban fashion spirit, which has, over the years, translated into an ever-expanding, loyal clientele.

AARBEE are sticklers of quality and creativity.

Additionally, they have a strong team that procures the best of the Handloom fabric from across INDIA, giving the creations the authentic touch of ethnicity, while keeping the quality top notch. Apart from this, their tie-ups with the best dyeing and Printing unit helps in achieving the best-in-class results in every AARBEE creation. The label has been known to bring out the mesmerizing synergy between real ethnicity and modern trend in fashion.

Aarbee by Ravi Bhalotia is a fashion story that is crafted by imagination, inspiration, and influence of Indian heritage through its design in every piece. Every piece is exclusive, lovingly, painstakingly, and deliberately created by skilled artisans using the highest degree of craftsmanship, quality, devotion, and care. The label is known for its Ethereal lehengas, embroidered overlays, flared kurtas, and flattering pants all in champagne and metallic hues set the tone for Aarbee by Ravi Bhalotia’s collection. Creativity and quality are taken care of for every piece made. Each one of the handcrafted pieces is special, the making of which involves years of learned skills, passion, enthusiasm, and commitment.